Finding a Start

Writing is part of my every day life.  If I do not write daily, I feel as though my mood just spirals down like a steep staircase.   When I pick up my pen, my hand becomes complete and I almost feel as though they have a love affair.  I even have a favorite type of pen and I do not like to write if I do not have that wonderful Jetstream 10 uni pen.  I love to write in my bed with all my comfy pillows standing against the wall supporting me, the lights dim, the windows open so I can see the stars shining, and music playing.  I believe that the best writing comes from when you are the most comfortable.  I cannot write in the morning, because I am a night owl.  I cannot write at my desk, because it then starts feeling like work.  You need to let yourself feel that you are in your home spot.  The place that you are yourself, because only then can you write.  Writing should be a part of you and come from the true you.


My family on vacation. I am the younger of the two of us.

When my dad was murdered in 2002, my mom told my sister, Anna, and I that we should keep a journal to him and write to him when something happened that we wanted to tell him about.  We may not be able to talk to him in person, but we could talk to him in writing.  So, she took Anna and me to the store and we were allowed to pick any journal that we wanted no matter the price of the journal.  So, I grabbed this red and pink journal with a heart on it and clutched it to me.  That night I laid in my bed and picked up a pen and started to write.  I told him how much I missed him and how much I wanted to see him.  The next night I would tell him how angry I was because he was taken from me and we had been begging him to quit the job that led to his murder.  Months went by of me writing to him each night and always in the same place and always the same pen and journal.  I grew to love the idea of having this chance to better myself in my writing abilities and be able to talk to him – making the jumbled, weird thoughts in my head go unto dead tree parts in such a beautiful way.

I am on the left.

My sister seemed to love the idea of writing as well.  She wrote so many interesting things and would read them to me when she was done.  I thought this would be something that I could do and something in which we both could be good.  Anna went on to get a poem she wrote published in a teen magazine.  That just fueled the fire inside me and made me want to do better and better at my writing.  Later, I found out that my father wrote a book on sharks.   (If only we could find it somewhere in our house.)  I figured that writing was just in our blood.

Now, I am studying Creative Writing and Professional Writing, and could not be happier.  I started in the Journalism program at Ball State and found that it was not for me, because I was more of a detailed writer and hated the idea of making short unbiased pieces.  That was just not how I wrote.  So, I took a creative writing class and I never once looked at the clock waiting for the time to tick faster and faster.  I was smiling the entire time and almost felt like I was in my home spot.  This was where I belonged.


Grandfather’s Advice Worked for Me


On Friday, I went to Lucina Hall on Ball State University Campus.  After doing a lot of prep work, I finally got the nerve to sit and wait for the interview to begin.  I was up for hours and hours the night before due to the fact of practicing, and you guessed it… I totally forgot all the good things I worked on the night before.  I tried to talk to my friends before and not focus so hard on it and just calm down.

I woke up at 9 am (because not having class until 2 pm and work starting at 11 am gives me the benefit of walking up later than normal… which I love) and got all ready for the day and picked out the clothing for my interview.  I drilled over some questions that I was told would probably be asked while I dressed.  I then went to work, and class.

I decided to leave class a little early so I was on time for my interview and plenty early, because as my grandfather always says, “To be early is to be on time, and to be on time is to be late.”  (By the way, thanks for the great advice, Paw Paw.)  After changing into my dress clothes, I hopped a bus to take me down campus and then walked over to Lucina.  I was pretty early, and decided to take that time to try to cool off and talk to friends and also do some light reading on my kindle.  (That always calms me down – reading!)

Finally, it was that time. (Deep breath.)  I walked up the stairs to the third floor and sat in the waiting room about ten minutes early.  I listened in to the questions and tried to take the advice that I overheard, but just like anything in the moment I knew I would forget.  He then ushered me in and I tried to tell myself it was going to go well.  We sat and I was pretty confident since we connected in the beginning because we both were from around the same place – South Bend, Indiana.  I tried to maintain eye contact and talked with a slow conversational manner.  I knew how I wanted to answer each question, and did so in a professional manner.  He complimented me on things that I was doing well on and helped put me at ease.  I had a couple good questions for him, and felt really good about it.  (So, I thought.)  Ok, so it went alright.  I goofed up on a couple of questions and didn’t speak conversationally as well as I should.

He did, however, give me some compliments on things that I did well and gave me really good feedback.  I think that I am more prepared for what is to come for the future of my interviews.  Since my mom is unfortunately unemployed, I was able to help her with some ideas that he gave me for the interview process and for the resume.  All in all, I am so thankful for this experience.  It was so informational and I really love that BSU does this.  It is a great program, and I am sure that I will schedule another before the end of my career here.

It just really goes to show that practice makes perfect.  Nothing is simple in life, and this was not either, but it is something that everyone has to go through.  I think that it is a nice way to test the waters and get your feet wet.  Maybe reading this will give you some ease knowing that there are people in the same situation.  I always love to hear that I am not the only one.

Why Reading?

Look around.  What do you see?  Technology.  Everywhere.  The world is becoming one big computer.  Almost every person that is in the world and around the public has some kind of technological device.  Whether it be a smartphone, a laptop, an ebook, gaming device, or music player they are being carried upon the persons who cloud your vision.  However, how often do you see someone with a book – made of those trees that fall.  Even when using an ebook, there is always a chance that one is no longer reading, but rather looking at things that are in the internet or games that haunt each device.

Reading is such an important usage of life.  Look at what you are doing right now?  You’re reading! However, why are you doing that?  Because you were told to read it? Or because you want to read this blog post?  There is always a reason to why one reads.  Yet, it is behoove each and every person to read.  Whether the reason is to gain knowledge through the text book or to just have a release.  That is why I read.  I read to get out of my own head.  Getting out of the reality that presses down on each and every person is something that should not be taken so lightly.  Why do you read?

Becoming a Literary Citizen

Now being in my second year at Ball State University, I have decided to take more classes that will be beneficial to my major.  I will be finishing with all the core classes this semester, so I can now focus on classes that will be useful for degrees I am working towards.  I have already started classes and absolutely have fallen in love with the entire creative writing world.

My first class that I took in this field was with Professor Angela Jackson-Brown.  She was definitely the key person in making me want to major in Creative Writing.  I was able to get the basics from her and start working with all the different genres.  After taking that class, I started with Sean Lovelace.  He cemented in the idea of being such a major.  He was fantastic, and made me realize I could make a life from my passion of writing.  This made me not want to wait until I was further in my academic career to take all the classes that would help me in my career.

Now I am taking Literary Citizenship with Cathy Day.  I was not too sure if I wanted to do a night class, however, I knew that it would behoove me to get started.  Within the first class session, I knew that I made the right choice.  I was able to listen to people who did an internship that I would like to participate in during the summer.  All the things that my professor was saying resonated within me.  Knowing how to work myself into the world of writing is going to be very helpful when I am trying to get an internship and a job once my degree is achieved.  I am so incredibly happy that I am taking this class now, because I have a couple years before I graduate to make myself more marketable.  I have learned over the years of my past that time does not forgive.  I need to have that time to get where I want to be before I start working on finding a job. This class is giving me that opportunity.

From the different readings that I have done for this class, the most informative piece is that social media is very important.  I never realized that it was such an important tool.  I now see that it really is.  Social media is everywhere and it helps people get known.  This is beneficial for possibly getting in internship or even a future job.  Technology has become such an instrumental tool and these articles from Day and Sambuchino, for example, really show that.  I had not used it for such good purposes prior, however I know that I will now and this class shows me that.

New Books

I find myself only reading pieces that have something that I can relate to myself.  However, I think that I would like to branch out further.  The different works in the writing world can hold so much enjoyment and interesting information, that I would like to start reading even more.  I am hoping to become an editor and publisher after my degree, so doing this will help me in the future and become more involved with writers whom I do not know.  I think I am going to go through the Kindle list and find some that look like I would not usually pick up.  

Who am I online? Class Question

Online, I think that I am an approachable person.  I use the internet for things such as networking and socializing.  I spend a good amount of time on the internet for such things.  The majority of what I talk about are things that are going on in my life and what the future can behold.  I see from my Facebook that I have talked about a lot of things that are happening to me and for me.  Others have a large impact on me.  I try to be there for other people via social media, if not in person.  I think I am known for my networking for the two small businesses that I do along with the volunteering page that I run.  I am not sure whether or not they would allow me to get a copy of the book, because I have not used the social media for book reviewing.