Why Reading?

Look around.  What do you see?  Technology.  Everywhere.  The world is becoming one big computer.  Almost every person that is in the world and around the public has some kind of technological device.  Whether it be a smartphone, a laptop, an ebook, gaming device, or music player they are being carried upon the persons who cloud your vision.  However, how often do you see someone with a book – made of those trees that fall.  Even when using an ebook, there is always a chance that one is no longer reading, but rather looking at things that are in the internet or games that haunt each device.

Reading is such an important usage of life.  Look at what you are doing right now?  You’re reading! However, why are you doing that?  Because you were told to read it? Or because you want to read this blog post?  There is always a reason to why one reads.  Yet, it is behoove each and every person to read.  Whether the reason is to gain knowledge through the text book or to just have a release.  That is why I read.  I read to get out of my own head.  Getting out of the reality that presses down on each and every person is something that should not be taken so lightly.  Why do you read?




4 thoughts on “Why Reading?

  1. I know that I read for reasons just as you do: to get out of the crazy, stressful reality that bears down upon each and every one of us. It’s so nice to be able to get into someone else’s head, someone else’s problems and see them worked out through the course of a novel. It’s one of the best breaks from the curse of being overwhelmed that I can think of. I really do miss being able to read for pleasure while in college. But the important thing is is that I can still feel that desire in me to be able to read.
    And read an ACTUAL book, not any of that fancy pants, 21st century “ebook” crap. While it might mean slaying a tree, I’ll gladly sweep that under the rug of my conscience if I can just hold an actual book in my hands.

  2. Honestly, depends what I am reading. If I am reading for class it is usually assigned. If I am reading for personal reasons it is to imagine something I don’t have or to imagine a different world not my own.

  3. I read for the same reason as you, to escape the word around me (though sometimes to engage it). I was never an avid reader and even now I would hesitate to call myself one. Reading is a chore that is worth it for what comes of it. It is a means to an end for me, whether that end be an entertaining story or interesting information. I could not live without reading, even if it’s a tiring task.

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