Grandfather’s Advice Worked for Me


On Friday, I went to Lucina Hall on Ball State University Campus.  After doing a lot of prep work, I finally got the nerve to sit and wait for the interview to begin.  I was up for hours and hours the night before due to the fact of practicing, and you guessed it… I totally forgot all the good things I worked on the night before.  I tried to talk to my friends before and not focus so hard on it and just calm down.

I woke up at 9 am (because not having class until 2 pm and work starting at 11 am gives me the benefit of walking up later than normal… which I love) and got all ready for the day and picked out the clothing for my interview.  I drilled over some questions that I was told would probably be asked while I dressed.  I then went to work, and class.

I decided to leave class a little early so I was on time for my interview and plenty early, because as my grandfather always says, “To be early is to be on time, and to be on time is to be late.”  (By the way, thanks for the great advice, Paw Paw.)  After changing into my dress clothes, I hopped a bus to take me down campus and then walked over to Lucina.  I was pretty early, and decided to take that time to try to cool off and talk to friends and also do some light reading on my kindle.  (That always calms me down – reading!)

Finally, it was that time. (Deep breath.)  I walked up the stairs to the third floor and sat in the waiting room about ten minutes early.  I listened in to the questions and tried to take the advice that I overheard, but just like anything in the moment I knew I would forget.  He then ushered me in and I tried to tell myself it was going to go well.  We sat and I was pretty confident since we connected in the beginning because we both were from around the same place – South Bend, Indiana.  I tried to maintain eye contact and talked with a slow conversational manner.  I knew how I wanted to answer each question, and did so in a professional manner.  He complimented me on things that I was doing well on and helped put me at ease.  I had a couple good questions for him, and felt really good about it.  (So, I thought.)  Ok, so it went alright.  I goofed up on a couple of questions and didn’t speak conversationally as well as I should.

He did, however, give me some compliments on things that I did well and gave me really good feedback.  I think that I am more prepared for what is to come for the future of my interviews.  Since my mom is unfortunately unemployed, I was able to help her with some ideas that he gave me for the interview process and for the resume.  All in all, I am so thankful for this experience.  It was so informational and I really love that BSU does this.  It is a great program, and I am sure that I will schedule another before the end of my career here.

It just really goes to show that practice makes perfect.  Nothing is simple in life, and this was not either, but it is something that everyone has to go through.  I think that it is a nice way to test the waters and get your feet wet.  Maybe reading this will give you some ease knowing that there are people in the same situation.  I always love to hear that I am not the only one.


Who am I online? Class Question

Online, I think that I am an approachable person.  I use the internet for things such as networking and socializing.  I spend a good amount of time on the internet for such things.  The majority of what I talk about are things that are going on in my life and what the future can behold.  I see from my Facebook that I have talked about a lot of things that are happening to me and for me.  Others have a large impact on me.  I try to be there for other people via social media, if not in person.  I think I am known for my networking for the two small businesses that I do along with the volunteering page that I run.  I am not sure whether or not they would allow me to get a copy of the book, because I have not used the social media for book reviewing.