Why Reading?

Look around.  What do you see?  Technology.  Everywhere.  The world is becoming one big computer.  Almost every person that is in the world and around the public has some kind of technological device.  Whether it be a smartphone, a laptop, an ebook, gaming device, or music player they are being carried upon the persons who cloud your vision.  However, how often do you see someone with a book – made of those trees that fall.  Even when using an ebook, there is always a chance that one is no longer reading, but rather looking at things that are in the internet or games that haunt each device.

Reading is such an important usage of life.  Look at what you are doing right now?  You’re reading! However, why are you doing that?  Because you were told to read it? Or because you want to read this blog post?  There is always a reason to why one reads.  Yet, it is behoove each and every person to read.  Whether the reason is to gain knowledge through the text book or to just have a release.  That is why I read.  I read to get out of my own head.  Getting out of the reality that presses down on each and every person is something that should not be taken so lightly.  Why do you read?




Becoming a Literary Citizen

Now being in my second year at Ball State University, I have decided to take more classes that will be beneficial to my major.  I will be finishing with all the core classes this semester, so I can now focus on classes that will be useful for degrees I am working towards.  I have already started classes and absolutely have fallen in love with the entire creative writing world.

My first class that I took in this field was with Professor Angela Jackson-Brown.  She was definitely the key person in making me want to major in Creative Writing.  I was able to get the basics from her and start working with all the different genres.  After taking that class, I started with Sean Lovelace.  He cemented in the idea of being such a major.  He was fantastic, and made me realize I could make a life from my passion of writing.  This made me not want to wait until I was further in my academic career to take all the classes that would help me in my career.

Now I am taking Literary Citizenship with Cathy Day.  I was not too sure if I wanted to do a night class, however, I knew that it would behoove me to get started.  Within the first class session, I knew that I made the right choice.  I was able to listen to people who did an internship that I would like to participate in during the summer.  All the things that my professor was saying resonated within me.  Knowing how to work myself into the world of writing is going to be very helpful when I am trying to get an internship and a job once my degree is achieved.  I am so incredibly happy that I am taking this class now, because I have a couple years before I graduate to make myself more marketable.  I have learned over the years of my past that time does not forgive.  I need to have that time to get where I want to be before I start working on finding a job. This class is giving me that opportunity.

From the different readings that I have done for this class, the most informative piece is that social media is very important.  I never realized that it was such an important tool.  I now see that it really is.  Social media is everywhere and it helps people get known.  This is beneficial for possibly getting in internship or even a future job.  Technology has become such an instrumental tool and these articles from Day and Sambuchino, for example, really show that.  I had not used it for such good purposes prior, however I know that I will now and this class shows me that.

New Books

I find myself only reading pieces that have something that I can relate to myself.  However, I think that I would like to branch out further.  The different works in the writing world can hold so much enjoyment and interesting information, that I would like to start reading even more.  I am hoping to become an editor and publisher after my degree, so doing this will help me in the future and become more involved with writers whom I do not know.  I think I am going to go through the Kindle list and find some that look like I would not usually pick up.